The Chippy

At the chippy, where the salt sings and the vinegar is dripping, come on through that golden gate…’s great!

Down in the depths of south London lies and abandoned library……

The Gimp

I had the recent pleasure of photographing an exhibition opening. 

In the basement, there was a dungeon and inside a Gimp. Each person has 3 minutes to do whatever they pleased with him.

This is my 3 minutes.


As a child for our week long holiday, my parents and late grandparents would always take me to Mablethorpe on the Lincolnshire coast for a week in a caravan.

Not the glitzy lights of the more popular Skegness just down the road, Mablethorpe is a small town, typical of any seaside town in the UK.

Fond memories of blazing sun, food with colours so luminous they could be used to direct traffic, kites, 2p slot machines, riding Thomas the Tank Engine, bingo and riding scary rides are all in my nostalgic conscious that is attached to this small seaside town. 

Returning as an adult, alas is never the same. People were old, the town seemed in decline and as my tastes (and snobbishness) moved on, Mablethorpe stayed the same. 

Still, I still love the place, it brash, cheap, unpretentious and part of me.

Here is my return in pictures.