Zippos Circus

I wish I had worked harder at Gymnastics, then I could have ran away with the circus.

Notting Hill Carnival - Sunday, London 2014

Ilford HP5+

Another lost night on film

Ilford FP4+

The Ferry

Lymington (England) - Yarmouth (Isle of Wight)

Bakerloo Line

The Bakerloo - It’s old, quiet, unloved, goes nowhere I wish to go particularly, but I love it. 

I love it because it when the northern is crowded and I need to get to Soho, the Bakerloo is always quiet and reliable. 

I love it because it is old. The trains are old, they reek of nostalgia and have seats that face each other, almost romantic.

I love it because no one remembers it. When all your friends are there trying to think how they will get to Waterloo/somewhere in North London, They are all going on about Victoria and Northern, whereas I know the Bakerloo will get me there absent of vomit and stag parties.

I love it because it smells. It smells of the tube…oil, dirt, grime. Whereas the lines that are upgraded with their fancy new trains no longer have the familiar smell. 

I love it because it’s dirty. I remember the day that i would be guaranteed black snot from a trip on the tube, only the Bakerloo guarantees it now. 

I love it because because no one else will.

The Chippy

At the chippy, where the salt sings and the vinegar is dripping, come on through that golden gate…’s great!