Zippos Circus

I wish I had worked harder at Gymnastics, then I could have ran away with the circus.

Notting Hill Carnival - Sunday, London 2014

Ilford HP5+

Another lost night on film

Ilford FP4+

The Ferry

Lymington (England) - Yarmouth (Isle of Wight)

Bakerloo Line

The Bakerloo - It’s old, quiet, unloved, goes nowhere I wish to go particularly, but I love it. 

I love it because it when the northern is crowded and I need to get to Soho, the Bakerloo is always quiet and reliable. 

I love it because it is old. The trains are old, they reek of nostalgia and have seats that face each other, almost romantic.

I love it because no one remembers it. When all your friends are there trying to think how they will get to Waterloo/somewhere in North London, They are all going on about Victoria and Northern, whereas I know the Bakerloo will get me there absent of vomit and stag parties.

I love it because it smells. It smells of the tube…oil, dirt, grime. Whereas the lines that are upgraded with their fancy new trains no longer have the familiar smell. 

I love it because it’s dirty. I remember the day that i would be guaranteed black snot from a trip on the tube, only the Bakerloo guarantees it now. 

I love it because because no one else will.

The Chippy

At the chippy, where the salt sings and the vinegar is dripping, come on through that golden gate…’s great!

Down in the depths of south London lies and abandoned library……